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  • Product Information: Slapon-Strap - Black

    Slapon Strap (450 x 100mm) with attachments for up to 12 tools.  Will stretch to almost double its length.

  • 'I work outside all year round and everything I use needs to be very tough to justify by attention.  Anything badly made doesn’t last long. I’ve used it through four seasons now and it’s not only saved me a lot or time and trouble but survived very well under harsh conditions.  After such a good test  I can certainly recommend it.'

    Eric Saunders, Bradford 

Slapon Strap is light and easy to use, an invaluable piece of equipment to add to your toolkit. Take it everywhere, to every job, every site and every house – the Slapon Strap is ideal for all those tools you need to get to easily.

Reach for the pliers - you won’t have left  them behind and won’t have far to stretch, because they’re securely attached only inches away. Nothing could be simpler. 

A more secure working environment, where less unnecessary movement is safer and saves time. No more up and down ladders for that missing piece.

  • Slapon keep slapping on secure , it repeats holding on strong , slap-it-on over and over with slapon.
  • Attach it to your arm, your leg, or even a nearby ladder or joist- whatever is most  convenient. It stretches to nearly double the original length.
  • You have peace of mind knowing that the fastening assembly secures most hand tools safely.  Any material, any shape made from plastics, rubber or metal . 
  • The Slapon enables disabled users to transfer goods securely and keep then close at hand when moving from walk-assistance methods to the chair, bed or car.
  • Slapon Strap makes all jobs safer and saves time and money.
  • Technical details on our fastening system and demonstration
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