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  • Product Information: Slapon-Extension New

    The invaluable addition to any Slapon kit for extending your kit to use fastenings assemblies for much more tools and most metal bits. The addition of 12 more new patches and new latch straps accommodating most hand tools texture and shape. Dual purpose extension that takes bulkier tools but also those small fiddly screws and bits, using either Slapon attachments or magnetic...

  • Product Information: Slapon Pocket

    This Pocket attaches to your vest and is from webbing, polyester holding tools in position on vest in tight or restricted environment movement before worker is in a stable working position. The bottom loops are adjustable.
  • I’d been using the vest and strap for a while but just occasionally I needed a couple of planes or a selection of smaller screws and attachments at the top of a ladder. The extension was just the thing - strap it on the ladder itself and hey presto - a magic supply in the sky. Really useful to save time and stop me having to move about so much, which is always a bonus. It saves me time and makes those ‘tall’ jobs a lot safer.

     John Pattenson, Glasgow

There are so many uses for this simple but elegant idea. Bulkier tools can be attached securely to anything you like made from plastics, rubber or metal with retraction fastening assembly latches. Strength depends on method of use, but amazingly, weights up to 10 kg can be attached with two patches. Even the smallest patch will secure 300 grams despite vigorous movement and it can hold up to 600 grams with moderate movement, so that tools are under control at all times. The fastening assembly uses an N 35 magnet so it’s pretty powerful.  



  • But at the same time, those small metal screws and drill bits can be kept in place and right at hand.
  • Slapon keep slapping on secure , it repeats holding on strong , slap-it-on over and over with slapon.
  • The Slapon Extension kit adds the facilities to slap on over 21 tools repeatedly and hold them all secure when not in use.
  • The N 35 magnet will hold an array of smaller screws and bits  using sintered NdFeB, magnetising charge , 2 x Block, 25 x10 x 2mm with zink coating for rust!
  • Technical details on our fastening system and demonstration
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