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  • Product Information: Merchant KIT

    We supply in a retailer kit (excluding VAT): Consisting of 10 Slapon vests (inclusive attachments) and 10 Slaon straps (inclusive attachments) with 12
    extension kits. Just use code: 'merchant' at the checkout.

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    The Retail stand stock value at
    £ 189.03 is already at retail discount  with
    marketing stand supplied as
    consignment stock.

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to listen about our great product the latest innovation from Slapon and taking a few minutes showing interest in our great product which will take just a few minutes and view the video. Our disability brochure gives you a much better indication of working and benefits for disabled users. We believe the Slapon system offers increased safety and independence for a range of disabled users, reducing the need for routine assistance and helping to  prevent accidents and emergencies.

We supply in a Merchant kit  : Consisting of 10 vests and 10 straps with 12 extension kits. 


These we have an introduction offer retail discounted price. 

There is a great opportunity to be a merchant of a great product. You can just down load our credit agreement from this link complete and email it back to

Your delivery is within a few days and you will see the great introduction offer from our retail price using this code when checking out the order 'merchant'. Your product selection will be sent out with the reflection of the authorised person name or order number for product collection to be sent out.

You should also note that it is the same product used with sue at home or disability and the brochure will just change with the instructions.

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