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  • Product Information: Slapon-Strap - Black

    Slapon Strap (450 x 100mm) with attachments for up to 12 tools.  Will stretch to almost double its length.

  • Product Information: Slapon-Vest - XX Large

    High visibility orange vest with attachments for 18 tools. Front fastening with an overlap of 50 mm for adjustment over seasonal clothing. Available in medium, large, extra large (XL) and XXL

  • Product Information: Slapon-Extension New

    The invaluable addition to any Slapon kit for extending your kit to use fastenings assemblies for much more tools and most metal bits. The addition of 12 more new patches and new latch straps accommodating most hand tools texture and shape. Dual purpose extension that takes bulkier tools but also those small fiddly screws and bits, using either Slapon attachments or magnetic...

  • Product Information: Slapon Pocket

    This Pocket attaches to your vest and is from webbing, polyester holding tools in position on vest in tight or restricted environment movement before worker is in a stable working position. The bottom loops are adjustable.
  • "I thought it sounded too good to be true but I was so fed up with stretching for that handle just out of reach I decided to give it a try. I was surprised at how well it worked. Very easy to use and it makes the job a lot safer. I tried the strap and the vest for different environments and I’m really impressed.”

    Trevor Hammond, Burford.

Practical jobs need easy access to the right tool at the right time. In awkward corners and at vital moments, you need it within easy reach. When not being used, you need it kept securely, with your hands free. To solve that problem we came up with a very simple answer - a really innovative armband and vest that keeps everything exactly where you want it - no fuss and no movement. Slapon Strap™  and Slapon Vest™  are the perfect solution.

How they work:



The tools of your trade attach to your arm, ladder or body. They stay there securely until you need them then you pull them away easily, use them and slap then back on. And that’s it.

Tape measure, screwdriver, drill bits, pencil, hammer or pliers made from plastics, rubber or metal - they stay where they’re put and don’t slip off no matter how much you move around. It’s safer and it saves time (which is money).

Working in hard to reach places, with limited space? Stuck at the top of a ladder? Slapon Mobility Kits are your answer. 

Find what you want, when you want it, and keep it all safely within reach until it is needed. It’s a 100% safe and very flexible system that saves interruption and frustration a gets you on to the next job that much quicker.

You can use straps, vests and extension kits, according to requirements, but once you have experienced the safety and convenience of Slapon Mobility Kits you’ll never want to be without them again.

Then also Slapon enables disabled users to transfer goods securely and keep then close at hand when moving from walk-assistance methods to the chair, bed or car.

We believe in value for money and use the best quality materials. 

Technical details on our fastening system and demonstration


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