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There is a solution for every tool. Small metal tools and components can use magnetic properties of the Slapon extension and larger tools can make use of its Slapon  straps or ties. Fix a Slapon Extension to your ladder as well as the strap to your arm and you have two kinds of mobile tool box for any shape, size, weight or material like rubber, plastic or metal. 

Demonstration of weight

Slapon equipment holds as much as you need, very securely, with strength to spare. The fastening assembly is indicated in the small image below on the wooden block and attached to the glass door above. Just two small black patches. The photo was taken on a glass door to demonstrate that no photo trickery was used - it is a genuine test. The weight indicated in the enlargement is the full weight of all the objects - 8.24 kgs. It is held in place just by two x 3 cm secure attachment patches the fastening assembly in a stable anchored position flat in full contact. There is a average electrical drill attached to a huge drill set with an electrical saw giving you an idea of the power available in our equipment. Two x 3cm patches holds 8.24 kgs securely - so you won’t have to worry about security.  You can rely on Slap on every time.

The images were taken from a trade's professional's perspective to achieve the insight to recognise the dynamics in the bulk and weight of the tools with in an environment that does not disguise visual adjustments.

The  Fastening assembly 

The two fastenings assemblies combined will withstand a vertical pull in a vertical position of just under 9 kgs as confidence to the surface contact strength. The image demonstrates a collection of tools in a secure position.

The fastening assembly creates an attachment by means of a highly effective design that is similar to a hook and loop system. This kind of engineering delivers the best power for attachment combined with an easy release when the tool is required.  It employs a  very precise technology combining nylon and polyester fabrics. The fastening assembly with adhesion sections is formulated to give strong, long-term adhesion for most materials when in contact whilst remaining very easy to remove when required. It is easily replaced at any time.

We have developed two ways to accommodate almost all hand tools made from plastics, rubber or metal. We considered factors such as form and material diversity including plastics, woods and metals. Most surface and forms will be accommodated by the diverse fasting assembly with a technology combining nylon and polyester.

The vest allows tools to be attached in any convenient position. The tool is prepared with a simple assembly that allows it to attached and re-attached as often as you like without loss of adhesion.

It is also possible to use larger and heavier tools that are lashed on as well as small components attached magnetically. 

The tool fastening assembly integration and features

Once a Slapon attachment is attached to a working tool it can obviously become dirty and wet, but this does not prevent it from working.  

On first use, you learn with just a simple wiggle to know that it is secure.

Amazingly, weights up to 10 kg can be attached with two patches in full contact. Even the smallest patch will secure 300 grams despite vigorous movement and it can hold up to 600 grams with moderate movement, so that tools are under control at all times. You can use two x 3cm diameter patches to secure an electrical drill of 1.4 kg in a vertical position with general movement.

Extension Kit pointers

The magnetic technology strip has N35 magnetic value ensuring permanent magnetism with a zink coating to counteract rust. It also has lash/strap options so you can choose the best solution according to shape and weight. The power of the magnetic strips in its small form included is much more powerful that most people expect to actually surprise them seen with 0.69 kg hammer as a non-flat surface. So the magnetic technology is brilliant for round metal bits that is attaching to a fractional surface to stay secure like drill, screws or even power tool bits while working.

Working securely with Heavier tools

Heavy tools can be attached to straps, vests or extension kits but for obvious safety reasons it is best if they are secured in a stationary position, such as the top of a ladder, rather than pulling you of balance. 

They tend to be more stable in a horizontal position.

 Be careful to re-attach heated surfaces or overheated motors close to your body.

Tips and Tricks

To secure around your arm: (if it has a buckle)

 (a) feed the end through the buckle (fig 3)

 (b) push your arm through the loop and secure it

 The hook side must face the loop side to attach by pushing down on it. (fig 4)

 Armbands without the buckle just attach by overlapping the end with the hook over onto woolly outside. (fig 5).

 Release by reverse process - just pull upwards.

 To make sure it is comfortable and secure, first make it the size of below your elbow with no stretch in band (fig 1) then pull it up (fog 2) over your sleeve and adjust to your own comfort.

Patents are pending in over 50 countries.

 We are always developing our range so keep in touch - who knows what we’ll come up with tomorrow?