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This will be give details of the basic strategy objectives considering the present outlook as a guide for the market development agent (MDA).  The objective is to find a retailer who will use our product for a trial run by use of the consignment stockist.

• Potential users/-consumers who will be interested in using the product will be tradesmen of all types and DIY enthusiasts. They will include, for example,   traders, builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, and car mechanics.. 

• A campaign review will be held after two months to gauge how the retailer/store and MDA are progressing with the target amount.

• If the retailer is successful and objectives are achieved it will be continued with a further six monthly review seen in sales figures comparatives)

• The objective is to have contracted as many as possible (at target of 15 stands per month) to target criteria with a target amount to be established with customers on book or new

• The area of retailers does not need to be close knit.